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Motorised Bed or Electric Bed
The provided Motorized Beds or Electric Beds are suitable for nursing homes, clinics and hospitals for better treatment and health care of patients. They have adjustable backrest for maximum comfort of the patients.
Mechanical Bed or Manual Bed
Our Mechanical Beds or Manual Beds are for the patients admitted in intensive care unit, these are entirely comfortable and ensure high strength, light weight. They also come with different adjustable features.
Hospital Patient Stool
Hospital patient stools are perfect for those who are troubled with mobility issues. They are made from optimum quality materials. They are meant for providing good mobility and functional ease to all. 
Ward Care and Other Products
The delivered Ward Care Products are designed for the convenience of hospital staff and patients as well. These are utilized for keeping and storing required essential items and documents of the patent.
Operation Theater Products
Our Operation Theater Products are used for providing optimum comfort to the patient. They are accustomed with leg section telescopic, ratchet backrest adjustment and middle section.
Patient Transfer Equipment
These Transfer Products are used for moving patient within the hospital premises. These are comfortable and integrated with caster wheels for smooth movement. Our items are equipped with x-ray cassette holder.
Crash Cart
The Crash carts are included with several drawers/shelves and trays. They can be used in hospitals and allow for the transportation as well as dispensing of emergency. These are included wit many life-saving medicines. 
Soiled Linen Trolley
Soiled Linen Trolleys supplied by are demanded for housekeeping, hotels, and medical industries. They have large storage capacities. These are accessible with the powder-coated finish and are of durable make.
Hospital Medicine Trolley
The Hospital Medicine Trolleys are the carts that must be used in a medical environment. They are highly portable and assist in transporting several medical supplies. These are of great utility and advanced support. 
Instrument Cabinet
The Instrument Cabinets are provided with advanced storage capacity.  We have two variations in these. They are used to keep important surgical accessories and instruments in an organized way. The constriction and longevity of these cabinet are appreciable. 
Hospital Saline Stand
The Hospital Saline Stands we deal in can be used for the hospitals as well as nursing homes. They are accessible with adjustable height and are offered with the perfect support. They can be used in the hospitals as well as clinics. Offered are functional as the extremely versatile saline solutions required for advanced patient use.
Hospital Baby Crib
The Hospital Baby Cribs we deal in are made to provide simple access to sick or special needs babies. They are function as the advanced medical devices which do not asks for frequent attention. They are heavy duty cribs of safe use. 
Kick Bucket
The Kick Buckets are functional as the medical receptacles. They are made from durable stainless steel and can be simply moved. They are highly useful for the operating rooms of hospitals. They are made from non-corrosive material. 

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